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Gracelyn King

Trinbagonian National and US Citizen | Seventh-day Adventist Christian |Elder | Educator, Special Education

A firm believer in God's power to restore His image in every human being, Gracelyn King sees the mission of the Trinidad and Tobago American Adventist Association as one of the many platforms to express this belief and is determined to use her expertise and years of experience to help make this a reality.

"I believe this can be achieved if every individual has an equal chance to learn, speak, and survive in this world. We can do it together!"


Delia Tracey


1st Generation US Citizen | 2nd Generation Trinbagonian | Seventh-day Adventist Christian.

Delia was born in Brooklyn, NY and proudly represents her parents - Errol and Daphne Tracey (deceased) who were born and raised in the borough of Point Fortin, Trinidad, West Indies.

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Rose Brandon Lowe, BSc.


Trinbagonian National and US Citizen | Seventh-day Adventist Christian | Mother | Grandmother | Adventist Youth Leader 

Rose Brandon Lowe was born on the beautiful Island of Trinidad and grew up in the southern coastal village of Erin. As a child, Rose dreamed of going to the US to live.  In 1987, Rose made her first trip the New York, fell in love with the Big Apple, and has lived there ever since. She attended Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, NY where she obtained a baccalaureate degree in Accounting and currently works for the State of NY. She enjoys sports and traveling and loves spending time with her grandchildren. 

Rose has been a member of Lighthouse Tabernacle in Brooklyn for the past 32 years. Blessed with two sons - Kevon Hills and Nigel Brandon, and three grandchildren - Kam, Owen, and Quinn - who are her pride and joy, Rose feels

privileged to serve as its current AY leader. She is dedicated to instilling in the youth in her care the understanding that comes from her favorite text, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). 

Rose sees herself in the future assisting troubled youth. "TTAAA gives me the opportunity to make a difference and be part of creating a lasting impact on the lives of Trinidadians."

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Chantel Powell, BSc


Trinbagonian National| 1st Generation American| Seventh-day Adventist Christian| Senior Accountant |Wife |Pathfinder & Adventurer Director | Member of Majestic Heights Steel Orchestra | Avid Reader |Loves Outdoor Pursuits

A life-long Christian, Chantel Powell attends Lighthouse Seventh-day Adventist Church where she functions as the Pathfinder and Adventurer Director, assisting young people in their social, mental, educational, and spiritual development. She is an avid reader enjoying non-fiction titles such as “Think Learn Succeed” by Dr. Caroline Leaf, and “Mind, Personality and Character” by Ellen G White. A vibrant young woman, Chantel finds the time to incorporate Adventist health principles in her very busy life through her outdoor pursuits - tennis, riding, and swimming. She also enjoys the steel pan (the national instrument of Trinidad & Tobago) and is a member of Majestic Heights Steel Orchestra.


With so much on her plate, why has she signed on to the mission of Trinidad and Tobago American Adventist Association?

“Being a proud Trinidadian, joining the association brought an added sense of purpose and meaning into my life journey. The ability to bless others and volunteer your time for the good of your birthplace is an endeavor worth participating in. One of TTAAA’s founding purposes is to be a vital and active part in bringing change and aid to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. I am proud to be a part of this association where I see the hard work and dedication of the members of the community that wants to bring joy to the people of the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Margaret Barclay.jpeg

Margaret Barclay


Trinbagonian National & US Citizen | 1st Generation Seventh-day Adventist Christian | Wife | Mother | Grandmother | Businesswoman

Margaret Barclay was born in Sangre Grande, Trinidad and migrated to the United States forty years ago. She is the proud owner and manager of Elite Passport & Visa Services LLC. She loves her husband, Stanley, her daughter, Natiba and her grandson, Aiden. A recent adherent to the faith, Margaret is thankful to God for bringing her into His fold and serves as one of the TTAAA's Fundraising Coordinators.  She truly loves this association and its Mission.


“I have been a member for the last two conventions [since 2018] and am now embarking on my third. I enjoy the comradery of my fellow members and joyful banter at our meetings. My dedication to Christ Jesus can be clearly seen in the areas of this ministry. I am committed."


Judith Punch-Williams


Coming Soon 


Gordon St. Hilaire


Coming Soon 


Auldith Abraham


Trinbagonian National and US citizen | Seventh-day Adventist Christian | Auditor | Business Owner| Mother

Auldith Abraham was born in the beautiful island of Tobago. She had her beginnings at the Canaan SDA Church. She is currently a member of the Rogers Ave SDA Church (formerly Trinity). Auldith is the mother of three adult children.  In her professional life, she has been employed as an accountant for 34 years and works as an auditor. As a Certified Public Accountant, she owns the accounting practice, Auldith Abraham, CPA: Tax and Financial Accounting. Auldith is a member of TTAAA because she believes in connecting with her roots, giving back, and assisting people both in her home country and in the country she now calls home.   Auldith hopes she will continue to be an important asset to the organization as it works to advance God's kingdom.

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